Day 2- Table Runner

I wanted a runner for my kitchen table that was cute, in the colors I like and indestructible since I have 3 little rugrats that eat there. And since I wasn't willing to pay a lot of money for it, I decided to make my own.

2-3 curtain changes ago, I had these red corduroy curtains in my dining area. They were pretty faded around the edges and on the back from the sun. But the front was fine. I saved them in my fabric stash for the right project. A new (free) table runner is just such a project!

After laying it on my kitchen table and eyeballing how big I wanted the runner to be I folded over the top of one of the panels and cut out 2 pieces. They measured about 13 inches by 38 inches.

Next I grabbed some ribbons from my stash and pinned them on the front of one of my pieces of fabric.

I machine stitched the ribbon. On the thick ribbon, I stitched down both sides.

I love the look of handmade items. The not-so-perfect, no straight lines kind of thing. It's a good thing too, because I couldn't sew in a straight line to save my life.

Last, I put wrong sides together on the inside, stitched all the way around about 1 inch from the edge and then cut little slits to fray the edges. And here it is. My free, simple table runner. One I won't feel to guilty parting with if it gets too much chocolate milk or pizza sauce on it.