Day 3 photo monogram

It's day 3 of the 12 crafty days of Christmas! I hope you're enjoying this as much as I am. Really, this is just the motivation I needed to get all these projects done.

Today's project is a monogram. I am using the first initial of my friend's last name. I didn't take pictures of the first few steps when I made hers, so I used a J to show those.

Start with a paper mache letter. I have purchased thse at both Hobby Lobby or Joann. This is what the unadorned letter looks like.

I tried spray painting it first, but the coverage was horrible, so I decided to brush on some acrylic craft paint.

The spray paint acted as a primer so the craft paint went on much smoother.

Next choose the paper you want to cover your monogram with.

Turn both over, and on the back of the paper trace the letter. Cut it out and glue it on with liquid adhesive or use mod podge.

(switching to the K now) Next choose pictures of the couple. My friend got married over the summer and I took their wedding photos, so I had plenty of pictures to choose from. I shrunk them down in my photo editing program. You could also just cut your pictures into the size you need.

After I glued all the photos on, I tied on a yellow and white ribbon. (their wedding colors)

And here it is finished. A fun gift that reminds them of their special day.
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