Christmas recap

For the first time in a long time...ok ever...I didn't want to take down my Christmas decorations. Usually I am antsy to do it on the evening of Dec 25. This year, I didn't get mine down until last night. I just really liked the look of my house being so festive. Here's a recap:
(sorry for the weird formatting, sometimes blogger and I just don't get along!)

Gingerbread houses that my kids made. (I premade the houses out of graham crackers that I hot glued together. Worked fantastically!)

Books (I got the idea on someones blog to wrap 24 books and open one each night. My kids LOVED it and it helped them to not ask to open presents every day)
Jars I filled with antique ornaments, red grapevine balls, spools and snow

Santa picture, red stars, wreaths and stockings

The magnetic calendar that my son especially liked putting the numbers up

The candy canes, mints and greenery above my kitchen cabinets
And of course the Christmas tree. A mix of my kid's yearly ornaments, their hand made ornaments and the ones I chose.
This year I took a class from Big Picture Scrapbooking called Cut the Crazy out of Christmas. It was all about being prepared for the big day in hopes to have less stress. We made these binders with tabs for Christmas Preparations, Gift Lists, Recipes, Card list, Traditions, and a place to recap. I think it will really help me is next year. Yesterday I sat down and wrote down everything that did and didn't work this year. And that is what I would suggest to everyone. Take a moment to write down what did and didn't work for you this year. It helps to keep everything together, so maybe keep it with your Christmas card list and gift lists. And maybe next year, we can all be less stressed at this most wonderful time of the year!