Love day deco

It's been over a month since I have blogged and I have many excuses. I had a hard time getting going after the Holidays. Then I got really sick (like 2 different antiobiotics, pain pills and an almost course of IV antibiotics sick). Then we've had a few snow days with the kids home from school. Then my son had a birthday, etc, etc. Add in some school and Primary obligations and that is where I have been.

I feel almost on top of things finally and think I may be able to blog again. My goal is to update twice a week. I would really like to do more than that, but let's be will be surprising if I can do 2 per week.

I have decorating ADD. I am always changing things up and moving things around. Bringing out different decorations for every holiday makes me so very happy! Here are valentine's day touches around my house.

Here is a close up of the candle. I took a plain, white candle, wrapped a ribbon around it and pinned on a few embellishments from my stash. Easy peasy!