Day 9 calendar

I make calendars for our family members every year. One year I didn't make them and the person who usually receives one, wasn't very happy and I ended up sending her one in January.

This year I kept it pretty simple.

I used my word processing program to make a table- 6 rows by 7 columns. Then I added the month and the dates. The size for this calendar is 5x7.

I printed the entire calendar out on white cardstock, and trimmed each paper down to 8.5 inches by 7.5 inches. I also printed a front title page. When they are stacked together, the front page flips over and becomes the picture page for the month of January. The January calendar page becomes the picture page for February and so on. Confusing huh? It makes sense once you do it though.

I went through the folders on my computer and chose 1 photo for each month. After having them printed I adhered them to a piece of cardstock or patterned paper and adhered that to the calendar. Instead of or in addition to photos, you could use drawings your kids have done or use some of their school work. Grandparents eat that stuff up!

I kept the embellishments simple. Just cardstock or patterned paper and flower or sticker to go with it. After all, I want the focus to be on my cute kids.

I used an anywhere hole punch to make holes in the top of each page. I decided where I wanted the holes on the first page then used it as a template to punch the holes on the rest of the pages.

I used book rings to hold it all together. I have had these bound together at the office store before. But this works much better for me.

I then tied ribbons onto the book rings. I will probably go back and embellish the front a little bit.
Only 2 days left. Thanks for sticking with the 12 days of Christmas Projects !