Happy V day!

Have you tried Picnik? It's a fun, free website to edit your pictures. Love it! It's super easy! I made our Valentines there.

I just took a regular old snapshot of my kids- changed it to black and white, bumped up the contrast and put a heart frame around it. Then wrote our message using the text option and stamped the doodled heart on. Easy. Then I had them printed in 1 hr (cuz I'm impatient like that) at Walmart and sent then to our family.

My husband thinks this picture of our kids is goofy, but I love it. It's so them right now. My oldest is going through the awkward, can't smile decent stage. My girl is just getting over being sick and is going through the not liking her done hair stage. And my wee man constantly has messy hair, which I love on him and only wants to wear his brother's soccer jerseys. This is a great picture of my lovies.

I also played around with the collages on Picnik and did this one. They are pre-made and you only have to drag and drop your pictures in.

Happy Valentine's Day!