ideas from friends

I LOVE blogs! I get sooo many great ideas from others while perusing the internet.

Becky Higgins had this great idea on her site for love notes! So cute!

I made some to give to friends and used the idea for my family. I love seeing the notes my kids leave for each other.

I thought this idea to paint a crock pot with chalk board paint was absolutely genius! To paint mine, I taped off the handles and temperature thingy, used spray on Kilz to prime it and rolled on 4 coats of chalkboard paint.

My friend Emily (she doesn't have a blog) has a meal calendar like this up at her house. She just changes out the stickies. So smart.

I printed off a blank calendar from Word, laminated it and glued magnets to the back. Then I took flag stickies and wrote dinner ideas on them. (BTW: FFYS means fend for yourself. It's for busy nights when we are running kids around and just make chicken nuggets or a sandwich)

The idea for this wreath came from Idea Room. It's such a great blog chock full of MANY crafty ideas. She made a Valentine wreath out of red felt.

I already had all of my Vday stuff out when I saw her red wreath. So I made a green one for St Patricks Day.
I love all the great ideas everyone has!