A Green Post

We have all the makings of a great St Patty's day here!!

2 sleepy eyed kids in their green shirts

Leprechaun coins leading to:

A Green Feast. Ok not so much a feast as it is green place settings for cereal. Each child got some festive socks and some treats in each of their buckets and we also got The Princess and the Frog movie to share. My son said, "Oh I get why we got that today, because of the green frog." So cute! I hadn't thought of that, but it works.

Green lunch- green apples, green grapes, a green juice box and a sugar cookie with green sprinkles. I also put some shamrock stickers and a little bit of green grassy stuff in their boxes.

And no St Patty's day get up is complete without a shamrock tattoo.

We've got a few more things planned like green pancakes and milk for dinner and doing some fun printables.

Happy St Patrick's Day!