Boo Hoo

Some days are better than others. Sometimes I get in a funk. And sometimes I down right have a pity party! That is what I'm doing today. So rather than dwell on the fact my husband will be out of town for the next 10 out of 11 days or that my 2 year old hasn't been feeling well all week and has been the biggest grump on earth, or that we had to pay to have some work done on our hot water heater and my kids' dentist rather than get the new flooring I want (whew long list of gripes there) I will try...TRY to focus on happy things!
Like pictures of my family
My kids' cute towels (and they are clean too!)

A few spring/Easter decorations

The bird feeder my son made at scouts last night
The St Patty's day socks my kids wore (the Wii remote is a permanent attatchment to my 2yr old's hand-whether he's playing or not)
Ok, I feel a little better. Time to go out into the beautiful sunshine to improve my mood even more! Happy Friday everyone.