Pantry Organizing

I've been busy crafting, organizing and decorating...
I just haven't blogged about any of it. 
My husband has been gone for 23 out of the past 28 days. 
(Boo hoo for me...I don't know how military or single mom's do it) 
I've been keeping myself busy with projects. 
I have a bunch of posts coming up. 
Today I am posting about my pantry.

Now let me start off by saying that I love to organize 
and I have organized this pantry about 10 times 
since we moved in 6 years ago. 
I bought red bins for all the little things 
and the door organizer for baggies, etc, 
but still wanted more storage.

The amount of wasted space under the bottom 
shelf and above the top shelf drove me nuts.

So I measured the shelf length 
and went to Home Depot to have more wire shelves cut. 
I think it was around $10 for both. 
 I'm not going to lie and say the shelves were easy to install. 
I may have cussed a little and thrown a little tantrum 
when I messed up and was frustrated .  
But I kept telling myself it would be worth it when it was done.

It was totally worth it! 
 I put one above all the other shelves, where I store paper products.

And I added that bottom wire shelf for lunch stuff.

Isn't it so lovely! 
I even have some empty space for now. Yay! 
So if your short on storage, look up and down in your closets 
and see if there is room to add more shelves.