Being me and yes I am thankful!

I had no intention of taking that long of a break...but once I stopped blogging, I couldn't get myself to start again. I couldn't decide if I had anything interesting enough to write about. I worried if my crafts, decorating, writing was good enough, cute enough etc. But in the end, I decided that I write this blog- simply for myself. If anyone else reads it, great! In fact I would love lots of people to read it. But I'm not going to put the pressure on myself to be the best. I'm just going to be me. And I'm not making any promises when I'll be back to update...I don't want to be a liar! Let's just say, I'm going to try.
Holiday decorating is one of my most favorite things!! As I put one season's decor up, I am already planning what to do for the next one. So fun!
This is how I fall-i-fied my house.

This magnet board is one of my kids' favorite holiday decorations. We have Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas magnets. They love to put the date up. Actually they love to fight about whose day it is to put it the magnet up.

Every year after we have finished Thanksgiving dinner, we all write what we are thankful for in this little book. It's so fun to look back and read what we all have written.
I love this time of year! I love taking stalk of all of my blessings! A few of the the things I am grateful for are my familiy-for putting up with me, my friends- again for putting up with me, my testimony, mothers day out (what pre-school is called here in the south), diet moutain dew, DVR and cool weather! Happy fall everyone!