Cheap and easy art

Some of my favorite decorations now are graphic arts prints. There are many talented people our there, willing to share their creations. They have some skills!!

  • Here is another one.

So you have your cute picture printed, now what to do with it?

For this one in the picture above, I mod podged it onto a scrap piece of wood, that was painted white with craft paint.

I got this one from the same site as the previous picture.

Another way to display them, obviously is to stick them in a frame. I have tons of frames stashed under my bed (kept company by the dust bunnies). I usually buy them from Target or Walmart. My other fave place to get them is from Goodwill. There are always a ton of nice, good quality frames. The frames in the previous 2 pictures are from there. In the first picture, the white one was about $2 and came with the matt. (the large black frame is one that I didn't like, but paid too much to get rid of so I boosted it up with moulding- post to come) In the 2nd picture, the frame was stained wood. I wanted black- so I took everything out and gave it a couple coats of spray paint. Very easy and inexpensive just the way I like my projects!