DIY painted signs using freezer paper

Wooden signs are nothing new. 
Been around for a while now. But how does one get the words on the wood? 
I could free hand it with paint...but I'm not so good.
I could use vinyl, but that's been done by everyone and their mother's cousin's uncle. 
Plus, I wanted something I could rough up a bit. 
I've recently been having fun with freezer paper stenciling on fabric 
and wondered if it would work on wood. It does.

Here's what ya need: wood (purchased and cut at Home Depot), craft paint, freezer paper and a way to cut the words out. I used my Cricut, but a exacto knife and a word printed from the computer would work too.

First step:  paint the wood. 
I just slapped it on- not very carefully.

Cut out your word and iron it onto the wood.

Then using a diferent color of craft paint, paint over the top of the words. Wait for it to dry.

Peel off the paper and sand down the edges of the board and over 
the top of the words to give it a worn look. 
The paint kind of bled under the paper a bit, but I think it adds to the character.

And here it is.

I did the initial of our last name as well as my fave Christmas word.  
You could do your last name, a favorite saying, a teacher's name etc. 
The possibilities are endless!

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