Girls Craft Day

I am having a craft day at my house on Saturday. These are the crafts that will be offered:

The Days until Christmas frame is inspired by this one .The words are printed on white cardstock, the edges are punched on the top and the bottom, mounted again on red cardstock and then framed. On top of the frame is a chalkboard square cut from vinyl. Anyone wishing to do this craft just needs to bring an 8x10 picture frame and I will provide the rest.

The Advent Calendar is made of many different elements. Each magnetic number is unique. I have dice, stickers, cardstock squares and circles, tickets, wooden pieces, number stamps and other ephemera. I wish I could offer the sheet metal holder pictured here, but I can't. I do have large metal circles (aka a pizza pan) that we can spray paint and cover with paper for the magnets to stick to. I will pre drill holes in the top and provide ribbon for hanging. The cost for this project is $10.

I am so excited for this day to get here! We will have soo much fun! Email me if you need directions to my house!