Thursday, February 3, 2011

A whole lotta love

Here's our house all spruced up for the LOVIEST day of the year!!

These little peeps are my favorite!  I love the detail.  They represent my rugrats...2 boys and a girl.

The love plate and love sign.  Nice tissues, eh?  Just keeping it real here!
The board and batton wall with the windows foofed up.

I love these little wreaths from Joanns.

Why is that heart sitting there empty you ask?  Yesterday it had a candle on it.  Until my son decided to pick it up and spill hot wax all over the table and the floor.  Now before you call DCFS- I know it shouldn't have been where he could reach it.    But I didn't think he could.  I also didn't think he would bother it.  He usually doesn't touch stuff.  And while I was very unhappy to scrape up wax off the floor, I was very grateful that it was on the floor and not on him.  Lesson learned.  The heart is empty.

Artwork from last year.

More about this shelf here

Mailboxes for love notes for my kids.  I have a little note and treat to go in there today.

And of course the table. 
I'm a little late for the party, but I'm linking up at Domestic Fashionista


  1. I love your style! Very simple and elegant at the same time. ;)

  2. Cute little touches everywhere. I love it all! The shelf is my favorite. Looks great!

  3. CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! I adore the windows with the little wreaths! So Precious! The shutters with the "S" are pretty awesome too. And the three little figurines that represent you cute! Love it all! I'm here from Domestic Fashionista's party.

  4. hey cute girl!!
    just a quick shout out---thank you for your KIND kind words on my blog last week!
    ment ALOT to me!!
    i don't know you....but your so sweet!
    i love your candy jars...i need some!!


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