Secret Agent themed birthday party

Are you looking for a birthday party theme for a tween boy?  This Secret Agent Themed Birthday Party is perfect for a 10 year old boy!

                                                                                                                  updated 8/2019

boy birthday party, spy birthday party

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Searching for a birthday theme is tough for boys.  Add in the struggle of the tween years and it's darn near impossible.  That is until you figure out something that interests them like Secret Agents!  A spy birthday party is the perfect theme for a boys birthday party!

Every Birthday party has a few things that are required
  • Invitation
  • Place to hold party
  • Decorations
  • Goodie bags
  • Party games
  • Food

Secret Agent Themed Party Invitation

supplies needed

  • kraft colored cardstock
  • copy paper
  • computer to type party details

birthday party invitation, diy invitation

How to make an invitation to look like a manila mission folder
Print party details onto regular copy paper, and cut down to 4" x 6".  Cut a piece of cardstock to about 8.5" x 6.5 ".  Glue party details onto the right side of the cardstock and fold in half.  (Not pictured) Using letter stamps, stamp classified onto the front of the manila folder.  Excuse the redaction, that information is classified!

Location for Secret Agent Themed Party

You could host the party at your home, or in another building.  We rented a community building at the park in our town.

Inside we set up tables and chairs that were included in the building.  

Decorations for Secret Agent Themed Party

table decorations
  • faux money 
  • assorted secret agent gadgets like magnifying glasses, binoculars, faux grenade and weapons

When each guest came, they were subject to photographing and fingerprinting for their badges and picked up their supply bags.

Supply Bags aka Goodie Bags

supply bag, homemade felt bag, handcuffs, magnifying glass, glasses, notebook

Party Games aka Missions for Secret Agent Themed Birthday Party

The agents in training, aka party guests, had 4 different missions to go on.  I printed all of the information for each mission and put into a black file folder with labels.

Mission #1  Decode a message

The instructions read:  

"Your first mission is decoding a message.Sometimes the agency will give you a message in code so it can't be read by the enemy.  A good secret agent will be able to crack the code.   You are to decode the message with the KEY given.  Use the pen and paper that are in your supply bag to write down what the message is. Report back to the Director when you have all finished."

I typed up a simple message then switched the font to web dings on my computer.  Then I printed a KEY for the agents to decode from.  

Mission #2  The shooting range

"A good secret agent can hit their target.  When it's your turn, grab a nerf gun and shoot 5 darts at the target, aiming for the center #5.   Report back to the Director when you have finished." 

I set up an area in the building with a target (similar).  The agents in training had to shoot a nerf  gun with 5 bullets at the target.

Mission #3  Decipher photos

"A good secret agent can look at things from many angles to figure them out.  Look at the photos included in the folder  to figure out what is pictured. Record your answers in your secret agent notebook. When you have all your answers, return to the Director for the correct answers." 

I took really grainy close up photos of a camera, binoculars, a watch and a cell phone.  I printed the photos.  The agents in training used their magnifying glasses to decipher the photos.  

Mission #4  Obstacle Course

"A good secret agent can maneuver around obstacles to complete their mission.  You are to do 20 jumping jacks, walk through the laser beam field detonate 2 bombs and throw 2 grenades (tennis balls) into the bucket for disposal.  When you have all finished, you may go to the Mess Hall for lunch.  The Director will meet you there."

We moved outside to the parking lot of the building for this mission.

The laser beam field was red yarn tied around chair legs.  The agents in training had to maneuver from 1 point to another without stepping on the yarn.

The bombs were black balloons.  The agents in training had to pop 2 of them by stepping or sitting on them.

The grenade throw was throwing 2 tennis balls into a black bucket.

Food for Secret Agent Themed Birthday Party

We ordered pizza and also had chips, carrots, apples and dips.  For desert we had birthday cake (with sparkler candles) and candy.

pizza, apples, carrots, candy, party food

At the end of the party, the agents in training were awarded certificates of completion of Secret Agent Training, signed by the Director (the birthday boy's dad)

A Secret Agent Themed Birthday Party is the perfect theme for a tween boy birthday party.  All of the agents had a blast!