Monday, September 29, 2014

Army Birthday Party

My littlest dude had a birthday.

We celebrated with an ARMY birthday party.

The most important part of any party is the food! We served simple foods that the party goers were able to grab themselves: BBQ and PB & J sammy's, grapes and apples(in individual bags) with apple dip, chips, soldier snack mix with capri sun and water.

I put together MRE lunch bags with instructions on how to fill them up so the boys could help themselves.

We had camouflage cupcakes- recipe here. Don't look too close at my frosting abilities-I'm not so good. The ones that look decent are the ones my daughter helped me with.

After eating, we started the fun part- the mission training!

The boys all had to do PT. My husband was in the army so he
really got into his roll as a drill sergeant. He ran them through jumping jacks, push ups and sit ups.

After PT, the recruits did basic training. This included an agility run...

a belly crawl under barbed wire, aka rope and stakes...

and balance training.

After that they did Search and Rescue.
We hid 300 or so small plastic army men in the grass and the boys had to find them all.

After that was Target Practice.
The boys had to shoot 3 bullets with a nerf gun to hit the target as many times as they could.

After that they did a pinata. I followed this tutorial to make my own pinata.
It worked out sooooo well!!
I will absolutely do all of our party pinatas this way from now on.
I spent only $3 to make this pinata vs. $20 to purchase a premade one.

After the pinata, we did water grenade disposal.
I think this was everyone's favorite part.
We blew up about 200 water grenades (amazon link) and let everyone go crazy.

My big kids were a target for all of the boys. They loved it!!

All in all this is one of my favorite parties I've ever thrown, and I did it all on a budget!

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  1. What a great party idea. I love how you made the boys work for their entertainment. Such a fun and clever idea. I think any dad would love to play "drill sergeant" and be able to boss the kids around without them rolling their eyes! Thanks for sharing such a fun theme. I love to see how other DIY their parties.


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