Movie Night Teen Birthday Party Idea

Looking for a great idea for a teen birthday party idea? How about a Movie Themed Teen Birthday Party!  

How to throw a Movie Night themed teen birthday party

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How to throw a Movie themed Teen Birthday Party 

Throwing a movie themed birthday party is a party that is great for many ages and for boys or girls!  My kids loved it and all of our guests did as well!


An invitation sets the tone for the party, so they are really important!  But don't worry, they are super easy to do.  You can either by premade invitations that you write in the information, or you can make your own.  

movie ticket, birthday party, invitation

I made the invitation in Pic Monkey and printed it on kraft cardstock.  I promise it's super easy to make one. 


I love the decorate my home to celebrate the birthday person.  I have items that I reuse over and over like sewn fabric banners, vases, chalkboards and wooden art.

How to decorate for a movie birthday party using a movie banner

I used a bunch of those things to decorate our mantel, including photos of the birthday girl.  I did a little art on the chalkboard to announce the theme.  

Make a movie banner for movie birthday party decorations

I also made a movie banner with some of her favorite movies.  I printed movie posters onto cardstock and clipped them to twine with mini clothespins.

How to make a DIY movie marquee from christmas lights, chalk marker, foam core

I made the movie poster with a black foam core, a chalk marker and white twinkle lights.  Go here to see an awesome tutorial for making a Movie Marquee Sign


Food is always important at any party!  Food for a movie themed party is super easy - we served food you would find at a movie theater.

what to serve at a movie themed birthday party

We served pizza and apple slices.  We also had a treat bar (using small kraft sacks) with popcorn (paper popcorn bags) and bottled water.

Show the Movie

Decide where you will show the movie.  We were lucky enough to borrow a projector, (similar to this one) so we were able to show our movie on a larger screen.

how to show an outdoor movie, outdoor movie viewing

We hung a white sheet hung on the fence in our back yard.  You could also get a movie screen here.  

outdoor lights, globe lightds

For seating, we blew up air mattresses and had plenty of blankets and camp chairs to sit on.  We also created a lounge on our deck with  globe lights as a place for guests to eat.

Showing an movie outdoors at our house was a really fun birthday party for our teen girl and all of her guests!

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