How to make a Movie Marquee Sign

If you're throwing a movie themed party, or even having a movie night in your home, whip up this easy Movie Night Marquee to announce your next show.  

Movie Night Marquee - light up Now Showing sign for a movie night pin 600 x 900

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Every Friday night our family gets together for movie night.  We always order pizza, meet in the living room and watch a movie together.  It's a wonderful tradition what we look forward to every week!  

Sometimes I go all out for movie nights, like this movie night party, but most of the time, we gather in the living room with our pizza and watch something together.  The main point, is spending time together!  But of course, I love to decorate, so I thought it would be fun to make a marquee to announce our next movie night.  

How to Make a Movie Marquee Sign

A few years ago, I threw my daughter a movie themed birthday party.  I made a marquee sign to announce the movie we watched for the party.  So I decided to recreate it for our family movie nights. 

black foam core used to make a Movie Night Marquee

I started with a piece of black foam core, from the dollar store.  If you can't get to the dollar store, or even an office supply store, you can get black foam core here.

Use painters tape to make a boarder around black foam core to make Movie Marquee Sign.

I used painters tape to block off a border all the way around the edge of the foam core.  I just eyeballed it, but if it's important, you can measure the border to make sure it's even.  I then used a sponge brush to apply white craft paint to the edges.  

Peel the painters tape from the border of movie marquee sing.

Peel the tape off of the foam core.  Peel very gently and pull it perpendicular to the board.  A tiny bit of the paper pulled up when I peeled off the tape, but I am ok with that.  Again, just be very, very gentle and peel slowly.

Use rubber stamps to put letters on Marquee Sign.

To put words onto the sign, I dusted off a set of rubber stamps that I've had forever.  If you don't have a gigantic stash of craft stuff like I do, you can get a set here.

Use a ruler to help you with letter placement on a movie marquee sign.

I used a metal straight ruler to help me line up the stamps.  I dry placed them so I would know where each letter was going to be.  I used extra stamps as place holders for the letters that were already in use.  

Brush paint onto rubber stamp to make Now Showing on Movie Marquee.

I brushed paint onto each letter with a sponge brush, then placed them into the correct spot to spell Now Showing.  I had to rock the letter stamps just a little bit to make sure the letter image was easily readable.  

Fairy Lights to light up DIY Movie Marquee Sign.

I used battery operated fairy lights to light up the Movie Marquee Sign.

Tape fairy lights in place on Movie Marquee Sign.

I taped the fairy lights in place, around the edge of the border, with scotch tape.

Hot glue fairy lights in place on movie marquee sign

I then used dollops of glue to hold the lights in place and removed the tape.  

Remote control lights on movie night marquee sign.

I like to use those fairy lights because they are battery operated and can be turned on with a remote.  You can even change the pattern that the lights turn on and use a timer.

Harry Potter printable on movie marquee sign.

I made a quick Harry Potter sign to announce our next movie night.  You can get a copy of the Harry Potter Printable here if you'd like it.  

How to make a Movie Night Sign.

Family movie night is a great weekly or Monthly Tradition to start today.   And you can quickly whip up a Movie Night Marquee Sign to announce your movie.  

Movie Night Sign - DIY Marquee.