February Thrift Haul and How I Styled it

In February's Thrift Store Haul, I'm going to show you the thrifty items I scored and how I styled some of them.  

How to Style Thrift Store Finds for February

If you're a thifter, you know the best part is the buying.  But sometimes it's hard to figure out how to style your thrifted treasures.  

I thought the month of February was going to be a thrifting dud, especially with the huge snow storm we had here in Tennessee.  I went to our local Goodwill a few times, but didn't find much.  And then this week happened.  I scored... major!  

Thrift store shelves stocked with dishes at Thrift Smart in Nashville.

I decided to branch out from my normal trip to Goodwill and hit a new-to-me thrift store called Thrift Smart.  It's a few towns over from where I live so it's a trip to get there.  But it's SO worth it!  

This store was a thrifting gold mine!  Thrift Smart is huge, the shelves are well stocked with a wide variety of items, and the prices are very fair.  And it smells nice in there... which is always a plus!  I employed my Tips for How to shop at the Thrift Store like a Boss.

I have a few favorite aisles that I like to look at:
  • dishes
  • glassware
  • metal
  • wooden items
  • office supplies
  • books
  • baskets

Dishes  When shopping in the dish aisle, I like to slowly skim the aisle, and then I check the back of any dishes that catch my eye.  I check for mostly white dishes that are Ironstone, bone china, and/or milk glass.  I also like small saucers, like butter pats, small creamers, mini bowls and small plates that are square or oblong.  With dishes, I have made a Temporary Cake Stand.

Glassware:  In the glassware aisle, I look for vintage bottles, unusually shaped glass pieces, candle holders and cloches.  With various pieces of glassware, I have made DIY cloche and candlesticks.

Metal  In the metal aisle, I slowly skim, just like the dishes.  I look for silver plated platters, buckets, wire baskets, brass planters, lock boxes, cake pans, vintage tins and unusual metal pieces that I could make into something else.  With metal pieces, I have made Tiered TraysCraft Tower and have a collection of Lock Boxes.

Wood:  The wood aisle is so exciting to me.  I have a pretty decent eye for being able to spot something that I can make into something else.  I look for random wood pieces, cutting boards, rolling pins and  wooden utensils.  You can see some of my collections of cutting boards here.

Office Supplies:  I love, love, love office supplies.  I look for vintage clipboards, file boxes, and lock boxes.  I used a file box to make a Succulent Holder.

Books:   I also love books.  (I guess it's obvious that I love ALL the things!)  I look for vintage cookbooks - especially Better Homes and Gardens, books that have beautiful illustrations, children's books, and beautifully colored vintage books.  I also like paper backs that I can make into book stacks.  

Baskets:  I like to find baskets that have liners for planters, unusual shaped baskets, and wicker trays.  Baskets are super easy to paint so I usually just look at shape and not color.  I used thrifted baskets to make Stylish Planters.

Collections of thrift store purchases that include books, clipboards and metal pieces.

My haul from Thrift Smart is so awesome!  I found a ton of books- vintage and otherwise, clipboards, a Fanta bottle, 2 glass cloches, a few metal baskets, a ceramic bunny (that will get painted) and a few white dishes.

Thrift Store score - February thrift haul

Later in the week, I was able to run to a different Goodwill and it was one of the best hauls I've made!

Goodwill thrift store haul - baskets, thermos, glass pieces, metal baskets

This Goodwill score total rivals my major score at Thrift Smart.  I found a bunch of wicker baskets, that will become planters, metal baskets, dishes and some glass pieces.  

Just like my Thrift Haul for January, I used some of my thrifty hauls in my home decor. 

How to style thrifted finds in home decor

I styled my favorite green cabinet, which is also is a thrifted find, with a bunch of my recently thrifted finds.  Actually most of the items in this vignette are thrifted.  

Thrifted cloche holding a nest for spring.

This cloche and saucer are from my Goodwill haul.  I made the nest from moss.  I will post a DIY soon.  

Vintage Fanta bottle from Thrift Haul

The Vintage Fanta bottle was from my Thrift Smart haul.  

How to style thrifted finds.

The wooden cubby is also a thrifted find.  I filled the cubbies with pots and faux succulents.  

Thrift Store Score- February thrifted finds and how to style them.

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