Friday, July 24, 2020

How to make planters from thrift store baskets

Learn how to turn thrift store baskets into stylish planters!

Stylish Planters made from Thrift Store baskets  |   She's Crafty

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You know when you're wandering up and down the aisles at the thrift store and you see things and wonder who in the world would buy them?  I used to think that way about wicker baskets.  I mean, they are so cheap and so 1980's that they couldn't ever be stylish today, right?

What to do with ugly thrift store baskets

Wrong!  I found a way to update these baskets and make them into home decor that works in my home and will work in your home too. 

How to turn thrift store baskets into stylish planters

You ready for the secret to the transformation?  It's Paint.  It's always paint, isn't it!  Paint is the easiest and cheapest way to update just about anything!

How to update thrift store baskets - paint with Plaid acrylic multi surface paint

Although you could easily use spray paint, I decided to use this paint.  It worked really well for this project and I didn't have to leave my air conditioned house (It is 95* outside after all)  The multi surface version of this paint is a little bit thicker than normal and had good coverage.  I used a 1 inch paint brush to apply the paint.  

How to update thrift store baskets - cover baskets with paint to hide colors

After brushing several coats of white paint on this basket, the blue and red were still showing through, so I painted the entire middle black.  Some of the white was still visible on some of the basket strands and I liked that imperfect look.

How to update thrift store baskets - use painters tape to make stripes

On the baskets with the stripes, I used painters tape to mark off where I wanted the stripes to be.  Once again, I didn't put the paint on perfectly because I like the imperfect look.  

How to update thrift store baskets - paint baskets in black and white to hold plants

I love how unique each basket looks!  The paint shows off their shapes very well and since they are painted similarly, they all go together really well!

How to update thrift store baskets - paint baskets in black and white to hold plants

Paint thrift store baskets for updated planters for your home

White with black stripe basket planter from thrift store basket

White basket planter from thrift store basket

Make easy and inexpensive and stylish planters for your home decor by painting thrift store baskets

For just a few dollars and a few minutes, those baskets that are always available at thrift stores can be given an updated look!  So the next time you're out shopping, pick some up and update Thrift baskets and make them into stylish planters for your home!

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  1. Love these, and they look fabulous having been given a new lease of life!

    1. Thanks so much Jo! Gotta love a thrift store makeover!

  2. Paint sure is the great transformer! Your baskets came out great. Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's!

  3. What a fabulous thing to do with wicker baskets! I love this idea.

    I'm going to feature this at our Party in Your PJs link party on my Grandma Ideas website. Thanks so much for sharing!


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