How to make a 3 Tier Tray Stand from Repurposed Cake Pans

Make a beautiful display for seasonal decor, from repurposed thrift store cake pans, with a 3 Tier Tray Stand

Make a 3 tiered tray stand from repurposed cake pans from the thrift store | She's Crafty

As I was browsing my stash of thrifted items the other day, (it's a pretty big stash - I'll have to show you some day) I came across some cake pans that had beautiful patina.  I knew I could do something with them.  And then I remembered that I've been wanting to get a 3 tiered tray, especially after seeing my friend Magen's 3 tiered stand.  So I grabbed a few other things from my stash and got to work.

How to Make a 3 Tiered Tray Stand from Thrift Store Cake Pans

Gather Supplies
  • thrifted cake pans
  • thrifted candle sticks
  • ball knob
  • glue gun
I found these cake pans several years ago at the thrift store.  In fact, I've already used them once as a craft storage tower.

Use thrifted cake pans to make a 3 tier stand

I also had some tarnished brass candle sticks in my stash.  These are quite sturdy so they'll hold the weight of the tiers pretty well.

These ball knobs come in so handy as feet.  I also used them for my Rainbow Wooden Table Runner.

How to put together a 3 Tier Tray Stand from Repurposed Cake Pans

Fit your cake pans and candlesticks together- larger circumference pans on the bottom, smaller on the top.  When you like the arrangement begin to adhere them.  Start on the bottom layer by hot gluing knob feet to the bottom of the lowest cake pan.

Work your way up to the next levels.  I turned the cake pans upside down to make them easier to center the candle stick onto the bottom of each cake pan..

How to put together thrifted candle sticks and cake pans to make a 3 tier tray

I used lots of hot glue to keep the pans and candle sticks connected.  I glued them together where they connect first, then went around the edges with more glue.  Hot glue is removable, so if you want a permanent hold use an epoxy or E6000.  

How to put together thrifted candle sticks and cake pans to make a 3 tier tray

When your DIY 3 tiered tray is finished, you can begin the fun part- filling it.  

How to make a 3 tier tray from reposed cake pans

I went through my Spring decorations that I had in my stash and that I'd picked up at the store.  I piled everything onto my work table to start the process of filling the 3 tiered tray.   

Use Spring Decor to decorate a 3 tiered tray

Part of the reason I made this stand is because I desperately wanted one after seeing them all over IG!  But the other reason is because I needed somewhere to store fruit.  

Use a 3 tiered tray to store fruit and seasonal decorations

I filled 1 tier and part of another tier with fruit.  Hopefully it will encourage my family to fill their bellies with fruit instead of junk!  The other tiers I filled with an assortment of faux plants and flowers and ceramic animals.

Decorate a 3 tiered stand with fruit and Spring decor

This 3 tiered stand will sit right underneath my open kitchen shelves.  I love how it looks with my collection of vintage metal trays and the distressed wood of the shelves.

It's so easy to DIY a 3 Tiered Tray Stand from Repurposed Cake Pans.  You can get the supplies and make one for your kitchen, or any room in your home, today!

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