Farmhouse Kitchen Shelves from reclaimed wood

What kitchen couldn't use more storage, amIright? My kitchen is quite small so I have to make every inch count.  But even if it wasn't small, I think I would like as much space as possible to display all of my favorite things.

So when I set out to get more storage in my kitchen, I wanted that storage to be not only functional, but pretty to look at.  Farmhouse Open Kitchen Shelves from Reclaimed wood fit both form and function.

Open Kitchen Shelving made from reclaimed wood

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In our kitchen, we have a spot that is seen from all entrances that can't hold a cupboard because of the layout of our kitchen.  I've experimented with several decor items and furniture pieces, but never could quite find the "right" fit!  Then I cam across the shelves that Lolly Jane did, and I knew that was exactly what I wanted to do.  

How to make and hang open kitchen shelves

I was able to reuse wood from another project.  I left the nail holes and unfinished stain as is on the reclaimed wood, and then sanded the wood really well to age it even further.

DIY instructions for making open kitchen shelves for dish storage

How to make a Shelf with Corbels and Reclaimed Wood

  • corbels
  • white paint
  • stain
  • sandpaper

I bought the corbels at Home Depot (similar here).  Paint corbels white, then sand them heavily, 
especially along the edges.  Wipe the shelves to remove dust.  Then brush on stain.  Let that sit for just a few minutes, then wipe it off with a rag.  Let dry over night.  Attach the reclaimed wood to the corbels.

How to make a shelf from corbels and reclaimed wood

After the shelves are built, they are ready to hang.  These shelves really need to be screwed into a stud or hung with wall anchors so they can handle the weight placed on them.  

How to hang open shelving for dish storage in a kitchen

I'm not going to lie, hanging them was not very fun.  I was home alone so just picture me standing on a chair, trying to get the shelves level as I marked where the holes needed to be. It was quite the balancing act.  Luckily, I was able to get one side of the corbel screwed into a stud, so I only used wall anchors on the right side of each one. They are very sturdy!

How to style open shelving in a kitchen

I styled the shelves with cake plates, vintage scales, a silver platter, white dishes that we use every day and my trusty blue tooth speaker  (the black rectangle in the photos).

How to make open shelving from reclaimed wood

I love how the shelves turned out.  They are so much fun to style and add farmhouse charm to my kitchen!  

Open Kitchen Shelves made from reclaimed wood

The shelves are also a little higher so I'm able to use the top of my trash cabinet 
for fresh flowers and fruit storage (in my re purposed craft storage tower)