Thrift Store Haul for January

Are you a fan of thrifting but you're not sure what to buy or how to style it?  Today I'm going to show you the things I bought at the thrift store in the past few months and how I styled them.

Thrift store haul - how to style thrift store finds

You know I love the thrift store.  And I LOVE showing the things I find at the thrift store.   So I've combined the 2 in a new monthly post called Thrift Store Score.  It will be a place to show all of my thrift store finds for the month, and how I style them.  I'd love for you to have a place to show off your thrifty scores too.  So let me know in the comments if you'd be interested in participating and I'll start a link party.

Anyway... on with the show!  

Thrift Store Haul for January

To tell you the truth, the hauls that I am posting today are from the last few months.  But since it's the first time posting and I am making up the rules as I go, its fine.  I'm fine.  Everything is fine!

I'm going to show you the items I purchased at the thrift store and then I'll show you how I used some of the items in my home.  

thrift store purchases- Christmas napkins, Santa candle holder

HAUL 1:  While I am not opposed to buying Christmas items at any other time of the year, I did actually find this haul during the month of December.   I found 8 embroidered Christmas napkins for $1.99 and a Santa candle holder for $0.99.  I used the napkins for our Christmas dinner and I added the candle holder to my Santa collection - which I apparently don't have a photo of.  

Thrift store haul - frame, bottles, ledge

HAUL 2:  This is one of my favorite thrift store hauls.   I found this large frame, a candle stick, a tote of bottles, a ledge shelf and a wooden cutting board.  Oh boy, did I have fun with this haul!  I sold the tote of bottles at my market in December.  The shelf and the candle holder are in my stash until I find the right project for them.  

How to use long skinny thrift store frame - Christmas vignette

I took the backing and the glass out of the frame and spray painted it red.  Then I hot glued the glass into the frame and used it as a place to display a message in one of my Christmas vignettes.  

how to style thrift store white platters and wooden cutting boards

I added the cutting board to my cutting board collection in my peg shelf.  Side Note:  All of the white platters on my dish rack are also past thrift store finds.  2 of them are ironstone and the other 2 are just white ceramic, but I love them all equally.

thrift store haul - milk glass salt and pepper shakers, wooden bucket

HAUL 3 I found these milk glass salt and pepper shakers for super cheap.  They are actually quite valuable so I decided to list them in my Esty shop.  I snatched up the wooden bucket for $2.99.  I think it's a vintage reproduction, which I'm totally ok with. 

how to style a thrift store bucket - hold a plant

I used the bucket in my bedroom to hold a cute little plant.  I'm starting to get more and more into plants, so look for lots more ideas in the future. 

thrift store haul - heart baking pan, glass jar

HAUL 4:  This was another awesome haul.  Sometimes you find nothing when shopping at the thrift store, and sometimes you find lots!  Believe it or not all of these items were found in one trip at one Goodwill.  I was pumped!  

how to style a thrift store heart cake pan

I used several haul 4 items in these Valentine vignette in my dining room.  I placed the large jar on a shutter to use as a centerpiece on my dining room table.  I filled it with a tall candle surrounded by red and white glitter Styrofoam balls.

I placed the heart cake pan, along with the others in my collection, on one of the shelves in my dining room.  On that same shelf are the following thrift store items:  stacks of white saucer plates, a flour sifter, a red gingham plant holder, cookie cutters, and a small red scale.

More Thrift Store Treasures

thrift store finds - lamp and lamp shade

Our playroom/my office area is always a work in progress.  After a recent reorganization, I needed a tall and skinny lamp.  And since I am at the thrift store pretty often, I was lucky enough to find a tall silver lamp for $2.99 and a lamp shade for $1.99.  The lamp shade was a little dirty, so I simply placed it in a sink of dishwater and scrubbed the dirt off with a cloth.  It looks brand new.  The entire lamp cost $5!!  

Thrift store finds- Sperry boots, vans shoes

Earlier this week I made my usual pass through my local Goodwill.  For some reason I wandered through the shoe aisle, and found some BRAND NEW, BRAND NAME shoes in my size.  The Sperry boots had never been worn and were only $9.99.  The Vans still had the tags on them and were $7.99.  The crazy thing is that I had spent some time online the night before searching for boots since my feet have been freezing.  It's so awesome how things work out like that some times!

If you'd like to read more, check out these tips for shopping at the thrift store.

Thrift store haul - what to buy and how to style it

Hopefully this post, Thrift Store Haul - what I found thrifting and how I styled it, inspired you to take a closer look at your local thrifts store.  You just never know what you will find!