Wall Mounted Dish Rack

You know when you get something in your head and you just have to have it?  That's how I felt about a dish display rack for my kitchen.  I searched and searched for the perfect one, but was unable to find one.  So you know what I did ... I made a Wall Mounted Dish Rack, and I'll show you how to make one too.

Wall Mounted Dish Rack  |   Easy instructions for making a dish display rack for your home  |   She's Crafty

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For the past year or so I've been really unhappy with my kitchen.  I wasn't pleased with the layout, the function, my appliances, the cabinets or the counter tops.  But since I have 1 kid in college and another getting ready to go, a full remodel is not in the budget.  I thought that meant that all of my dreams of a kitchen I loved were put on hold.  That is until I decided that I didn't need a FULL remodel, I could just change a few things here and there to get the look and function that I want.  

One thing that I really wanted was a place to display wooden cutting boards and serving dishes that I have collected through the years.  Last week I showed the peg rack I made for hanging cutting boards and today I'm going to show how I made a wall mounted dish rack.

Wall Mounted Rack to hold dishes and platters - easy DIY instructions for making

How to Make a Wall Mounted Dish Rack

I had a general idea of what I wanted the dish rack to look like, but wasn't sure of plans, so off to the hardware store I went.  

How to make a wall mounted dish rack from wood off the shelf at the hardware store

I pulled pieces of wood off the shelf and played them on the floor of the store.  When I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted, I purchased the wood and took it home.

Supply List for Wall Mounted Dish Rack

Rough Sketch of wall mounted dish rack made from wood

This is a rough sketch of my DIY Dish Rack.  The arrows represent screw placement.  

workshop for making wall mounted dish rack

Instructions for making DIY wall mounted Dish Rack
  • Cut and lightly sand all pieces of wood
  • Place outer 1 x 3's in rectangle.  
  • Place glue on wood pieces and then pre drill holes with a drill bit.
  • Screw the pieces together with wood screws.
  • Place top 1 x 3 flat against top and attach with glue, pre drilled holes and screws.
  • Place middle 1 x 3 on it's side and attach with glue, pre drilled holes and screws.
  • Place lattice or molding about 3 inches up from middle shelf and bottom shelf, attach with glue, pre drill holes and screws.

Distressed paint wall mounted dish rack

  • Paint dish rack.  I painted right over the screws without filling them with wood filler because I wanted the rustic look.  If that's not the look you're going for, sink your screws, fill with wood filler and sand before painting.  
  • Distress the edges of the rack with sand paper.

Wall rack to hold platters and cutting boards

Hang the shelf on the wall by drilling holes through the flat 1 x 3 at the top of the rack.  Use screws to go right into the studs of the wall.  If you can't find a stud, use wall anchors.

Wall mounted dish rack  |  Platter holder  |  farmhouse kitchen

Style your rack with cutting boards and ceramic platters.  The lattice/molding piece holds the platters on the shelf really well.  You could use a little poster putty if needed to keep the platters in the right place.  

Wall mounted dish rack  |  Platter holder  |  farmhouse kitchen

I'm so happy with how this dish rack turned out.  It was a simple afternoon project and cost less than $15.  Woo hoo!  You can't beat that!  Make this Wall Mounted Dish Rack to hold platters and wooden cutting boards in your kitchen today!