Accent Wall with Sharpie Shiplap and Picture Ledges

If you're looking for a way to spice up a wall in your house, I have instructions for making an Accent Wall with Picture Ledges and Sharpie Shiplap.

How to DIY an Accent Wall with sharpie shiplap and picture ledges

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I recently rearranged my living room.  It's one of my favorite no cost changes to make in my home.  I moved our large pieces of furniture around and then changed some wall decorations.  Part of the rearranging required me to take down one of our sets of picture ledges shelves.  The ones that were left, needed a bigger statement, an accent wall.  

how to make an accent wall with sharpie ship lap

I've always hated the placement of our smoke detector on the wall.  (Who decides to put them in such awkward places?)  I decided to include it in the accent wall area to see if I could blend it in with the white paint color.  

Steps to Painting an Accent Wall with Sharpie Shiplap

  • Tape the area off
  • Paint the Wall.  I used paint I already had on hand which was off the shelf at Lowes, in semi-gloss sheen.  If purchasing new, I would probably have chosen egg shell sheen, but alas, I used what I had.  When painting, it took 3 coats to get full coverage.  Since I used white semi gloss, I also touched up the baseboards while I was at it.  
  • Once the paint was dry, I used a paint pen and drew on lines to simulate shiplap.  I got the idea from here.  Note:  I could not find the sharpie paint pen, so I used a black paint pen from the craft store and it worked just fine with no bleeding at all. 
  • I measured about 6 inches down from the top and drew a line with the paint pen.  
  • I repeated until I ran out of wall.  

Sharpie Shiplap accent wall with picture ledges

I framed the wall accent with really light weight lattice molding.  I mitered the top edges with my saw, butted the bottom right up to the baseboards and used small finish nails to attach the molding to the wall.  I did not paint the molding but may go back and paint it later, after filling the nail holes in with caulking.

picture shelves on sharpie shiplap accent wall

Once the accent wall was finished, I hung my picture ledges back up.  There were only 2 on the wall before, but I added a 3rd.  It's the perfect place to display our family photos.  

Side Note - I always order our family photos from mpix.  I order enlargements mounted on matte board.  That way the photos can stand on their own without being framed.  

Picture Ledge Shelves on sharpie shiplap accent wall

I had the perfect chippy stool (a flea market find from several years ago) that fit perfectly underneath the shelves and finishes the whole thing off!  

Farmhouse living room with sharpie shiplap accent wall

Mission Accomplished.  The white paint helps to hide the smoke detector just a tad.  At least it's the same color as the wall color now.  

I have found myself walking through our living room and staring at this spot.  I love that the photos pop on the wall.  I also love that the large wall, that was so blank before, has some interest!  And the best part of all, this project cost only $3 for the marker.  I had the rest of the supplies on hand!  

Accent wall with sharpie shiplap

Supplies needed to make a Sharpie Shiplap Accent Wall with Picture Shelves

If you are looking to add an Accent Wall to your home, Sharpie Shiplap is super cheap and easy to do.  It gives the perfect places to display Pictures Ledges.