Open Picture Ledge Shelves

Today I am sharing picture ledge shelves 
I made for our living room.

open shelving, picture shelves,

These are the easiest shelves in the entire world!

open shelves, picture shelves, letter board

Very inexpensive as well!

wood and metal shelves, pictures shelves, open shelves

I cut a 1 x 4 pine board into 36" lengths. 
Then I stained it.  
After it was dry, I sanded it very well to distress the wood.

open shelves, shelf to hold pictures and art

For the shelf support , I used L brackets.
These are not very strong and sturdy for anything heavy.  
But I knew my shelves were only going to hold light items, so it works perfectly for me.

picture ledges, open shelf, simple shelf

I spray painted the metal L brackets with rust spray paint.
(amazon affiliate link)

When everything was dry, I screwed the brackets to the wood,
then mounted the entire thing to the wall.

hide cables with photos, letter board, family photos, photos mounted on mat board

I always get our family photo printed and mounted on mat board.
I love not having to frame them, then I can just set them on a shelf.

I used our family photos to hide the antennae for our tv.

shelves to hold family photos art, diy