My favorite cleaning products

It's the beginning of a new year!
I love the fresh start!
So like many of you, I'm going crazy 
organizing and cleaning my house!

Today I am sharing my favorite cleaning products and a 
few of the processes I do to keep my house clean.  

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This post contains *amazon affiliate links.  

First of all, if you're looking for all natural cleaning products, 
this is not the post for you.
I use (and am happy with) store bought products!

what to clean bathroom with, bathroom cleaning products

For bathrooms, I use *Kaboom with oxi clean.
I spray it in my showers and sinks, 
let it set, then scrub with a magic eraser.
It gets all of the soap scum off everything really well.

windex window cleaner, what to clean windows with

For the mirrors, I use *Windex.  
I usually use the yellow antibacterial kind, 
but it was out last time I purchased it.

antibacterial wipes, what to clean toilets with, what to clean bathroom with

For the toilets I use disposable disinfecting wipes.  
I also use these to wipe down the sinks, almost every day.  
Kids are messy!

For the toilet bowls, I use a general toilet cleaner.  
I'm not too picky about brand, but I like to use something with bleach.

I sweep almost every day.
But once a week, I do a BIG clean.
I pile the dining room chairs onto the table and pull up and shake out all of the rugs.

broom and dust pan

Then I sweep the entire floor.
I like this dust pan from Target.  
It has little tabs on the side to step on while 
whisking the debris into the tray.

hardwood floor cleaner, laminate floor cleaner

To clean my entire floor, I spray this *hardwood floor cleaner,
then mop it up.

I like *this mop because the cloths are removable and washable.
The mop has a bottle for spray cleaner, and a trigger, but 
I'm too lazy to fill it.

To spot clean, I use windex sprayed on the spot and clean it up with paper towels. 
It leaves no streaks and it cleans all the gunk out of the channels between the floor boards.

dusting cloth, microfiber dusting cloth, how to dust electronics

To dust I use a microfiber dusting cloth.
For electronics, like our tv's, it works so well.
I just wipe down all of the surfaces with the dry cloth.
For dusting other surfaces, I use a small bit of all purpose cleaner on the cloth
 and wipe everything down.

I use Lysol all purpose cleaner for many things.
I spot clean my carpets with it, I use a tiny bit on a microfiber cloth to dust,
I clean any greasy messes, I clean my car upholstery.
It's a great all purpose cleaner and it smells wonderful!

dawn dishsoap, soap to hand wash dishes

Even though I have a dishwasher, many things need to be hand washed,
like knives, pots and pans, etc.
I only use Dawn.  
It's the very best!
I test drive all of the flavors though.  
So far, I like this apple blossoms scent.

I pour it into a glass bottle with a spout *similar here
and leave it on the edge of my sink with the hand soap.
I got that cute little ceramic holder at Home Goods.

For dishwasher soap, I like *Finish Powerball.
It comes in tablets that are wrapped in plastic that melts when it cycles 
through the dishwasher.

stainless steel cleaner and polisher, bar keepers friend

Sometimes my pots and pans and even my crock pot need a 
good scrubbing with something abrasive.
That's when I use *Bar Keepers Friend.
I use it to scrub my stainless steel sink as well.

white wash cloths, dish cloths, cleaning cloths

I keep a supply of inexpensive white wash cloths to use for cleaning.
I wash my dishes with them and clean all surfaces (except the bathroom).
At the end of the day, I gather all of the cloths 
I've used and soak them in bleach and water.

laundry soaps

Now for laundry.

persil laundry soap

I like this *Persil laundry soap.
It gets our clothes really clean and smells nice.

persil pro clean white laundry soap, how to wash whites

For white clothes, I like to use this *Persil Pro Clean power pearls.
It gets my whites, very white, without bleach.

Although I do bleach my white bath towels and wash cloths.

laundry stain remover, oxi clean laundry, product to remove stains, product to remove sweat

*Oxi Clean stain remover is my favorite laundry pre-treater.
There are very few stains
that I haven't been able to get out with this.
It also works really well to get the sweat stains and smells out of 
my football playing son's work out clothes.

*De-Solv-it is a great product to have on hand.
It gets adhesive, like price tags, off of surfaces and clothing.
It gets greasy stains out of clothing as well.

fabric softener, downy

My favorite fabric softener is *Downy
Truth be told, I haven't ever tried anything else.
My mom used Downy, so I do too.
I like to switch up the scents and try them all out.


I'm kind of a nut about my house being clean. 
I swear I can't think if it's cluttered and dirty!

This is the general schedule I use to keep my house clean.  

For floors:  I sweep every day, mop about once a week, 
and vacuum about every 2-3 days.  
I spot clean the floors as needed.

Bathrooms:  I do a scrub down of all surfaces once a week.  I spot clean every day.

Dusting:  once a week

Kitchen:  I wipe down the counters daily.  Actually it seems like about 50 times a day.

Laundry:  I have 3 baskets in my bathroom- lights, darks and whites.
Every time one of the baskets is full, I throw a load in to wash, fold and put away.

Do you have cleaning products or processes you use?
I'd love if you'd share with me in the comments!