2017 planner: how to make it work for you

Today I'm talking about my 2017 planner.
I'm also sharing tips on how to decide what planner is right for you!

the happy planner, mambi planner, pens, stamps, planner supplies

I've been using a planner for several years now.
Every year, I change and try something new.  

When deciding what planner to choose,
I asked myself what I was looking for in a planner.  
I wanted a planner that included a place to:

keep track of important dates, 
a month at a glance,
a week at a glance, 
record what we're having for dinner,
keep my editorial calendar for my blog,
keep my to do list centralized and contained.  
I also wanted something cute!

I wrote all of that down and took it to the store with me.  
That way when I looked at planners, 
I knew what I was looking for.  

the happy planner, mambi planner, me and my big ideas planner

This year, I decided to go with 
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In years past, I have designed my own planner 
with printables from etsy.

meal plan, washi tape, slick writer

The Happy Planner has space 
for all of the things I was looking for.  

When I open to a new week, 
the first thing I do is add a strip of washi tape
 across the bottom section.
This is where I write our 
weekly meal plan on the tape with a slick writer.  
It's a fabulous pen for 
writing on slick surfaces, without smearing!

Planning dinners ahead of time and writing it in my planner
has made a huge difference to my meal cooking.

mambi stickers, planner stickers, mambi planner

After meal planning I write important dates.
I use some stickers made for the planner.

There are a variety of themes and colors.

labels, planner labels

I also use a variety of labels from the office supply section.
I cut them down to the size that fit my planner.

planner stamps, stamps, target dollar spot stamps

Planner supplies are very popular right now.
I found these cute stamps in the Target Dollar Spot.

planner stickers, sports stickers

Since my boys are sports players, 
I also keep a bunch of sport themed stickers to
remember practices and games.

staedtler pens, planner pens

My MOST favorite pens
 (for regular paper surfaces that aren't slick) are 
It's the perfect tip width for me!
I love the way it writes.  
And I love the way it feels in my hand since it's triangular in shape.
I produce consistent penmanship with these pens. 
Love love love them!

planner, memory planner, the happy planner, planner stickers, planner stamps

I keep all of my supplies on my top drawer of my craft desk. 
I used small bowls to contain stamps, adhesive and labels,
and a small jar to contain my pens and pencils.

planner, mambi planner, memory planner

Here is what a typical week looks like in my planner.

I have started putting my weekly to do list in the notes
section of the weekly spread.
That way I can refer back to it daily to complete the tasks. 
It also helps my cluttered mind to get everything down on paper
instead of rattling around in my brain!

I also use this planner as a memory keeper.
So at the end of the day, I try to record things about our day.
For example:  funny things my kids said, events we attended, games scores, etc.

planner, to do list, accomplish tasks

Here's my process for using a planner.

After years of 1/2 way committing to a planners,
this process is one that I am able to consistently keep up with it.

Do you have other things you do in your planner?  
I'd love to hear about it in the comments!