Halloween Home Tour

Halloween is this weekend and my house is all spookified so 
today I'm sharing my
Halloween Home Tour!

It all starts right here at my front door.
I hung some pumpkin lights, grabbed some pumpkins and mums 
and hung a wreath (more about that later)

I've been wanting a retro looking light up pumpkin for a long time.
I finally found one (for a killer price $12)!

Back to the wreath.

I made this one last year.  
It's a black evergreen wreath, with a black and orange feather boa 
wrapped around it.  I love it!!  
But I couldn't figure out how to hang it on my door.
I don't want to put a nail in my door since it's new. 
This door gets full afternoon sun exposure, so with the black paint,
my usual trick of using a command hook wasn't working.  
The door gets too hot and the adhesive doesn't stick.

So I put the hook upside down on the inside of the door.

I hung the wreath from orange tulle, which is long enough to go all
the way up and over the door.

Then I made a loop on the orange tulle and hung it on the hook.

If I was picky (and not so lazy) I would have fixed the end of the tulle so it looked a little nicer.
Luckily, I'm not picky and can barely tell the end is hanging off. 
(Except when you look close in a picture.)

This little vignette is in my living room.

I used all of the things I had on hand. 
I did buy some pumpkins and some leaves.

One of my favorite things to decorate with is past Halloween photos.
I love my kids!!  I clipped them to one of my antique sifters.

I added a few touches to my dining room.

I would love to have a big, over the top centerpiece on our dining room table.
But, this is our everyday table decor.
I used an old shutter, a plate of candles and a cute white pumpkin- along with 
our napkins and salt and pepper.

I put some pumpkins in my chicken feeder.  Love it!

I added some pumpkins to our photo shelves and pulled out 
our perpetual calendar.

The dining room is where our Halloween mantel is too.

I added a few little pumpkins to our kitchen shelves.

And a little pumpkin and my vintage Halloween candle holders to the ledge above my kitchen sink.

And that's the Tour of my home for Halloween!