Roller Skate Birthday Party

My son just turned 11 years old.  When we were planning his party, it was hard to find something "cool enough and not embarrassing" for him.  I gave him a few ideas and he chose to have a roller skate birthday party at our local skate center.  The food and fun was provided, I just had to supply invitations and cupcakes.  

I found the pre-made invitations at Hobby Lobby.  I typed up the information and ran the back page through my printer to add the details.  (Sorry about the ugly black rectangles, for some reason, I feel like it's safer to not show the address or my phone number.)

the cupcakes (I didn't have a place to set them up on a cute stand, so I just took them in the carrier.  No one even cared- but me!)

goodie bags filled with candy

For the cupcake picks and goodie bag tags, I used my Silhouette. 

 I purchased a graphic from the online store.

Then resized, duplicated and cut them out.  I didn't use the bow.

For the thank you cards, I made post cards.  I found a graphic that I resized in my word program and typed the words on top of it.  My son filled in the words.  (Sadly, most of these didn't get sent out, so if you gave Mason a gift and didn't get a card- I'm sorry and Thank you for the gift!)

Here is the birthday boy have a great time skating!