plastic drawer change

I had 2 of these plastic 3 drawer storage carts to organize the junk under my desk.  

They aren't pretty but they are inexpensive and do the job.

  I took off the wheels and they were still a little too tall to really fit.  I had to lift up the edge of the desk to access them. I looked at a few stores to see if I could find some that were shorter - but I had no luck.  I decided to hacksaw the bottom drawer off so I would only have 2 drawers and it would fit better.  

I lifted up my desk and pulled the drawers out.  After studying one of them for a bit, the top looked like it wasn't glued - just snapped on.  

With a little pulling, it came off.  So I took the drawer out...

then pulled the legs off.

And was left with this.  

I then snapped the top piece back on and was left with perfectly functioning 2 drawer storage unit.

They both fit perfectly under my desk.  

I don't even worry about the way they look because they are hidden behind fabric anyway.

This may seem silly because you already knew these little carts were adjustable, but I had no idea.  And it changed my life.  OK, maybe that is a little dramatic, but this change sure made accessing my junk a bunch easier!!