Bathroom Redo

As I said in this post, last summer I started the makeover of our half bath.  I did the board and batten then lost interest.  I finally talked my sweetie into changing the light fixture a couple of weeks ago and then I finished everything else up.  Only took about 9 months start to finish.  Great.  :) At least it's done now.

Here is a sorta before pic.  I had already put up the board and batten (b and b) and painted the bathroom cupboard black (it was a faded cherry wood)

In addition to the b and b, we changed the light fixture, put up a shelf, and framed the standard builders mirror.

I LOVE this light fixture.  It's an outdoor light from Lowes. 

The shelf and mirror frame.

This bathroom is right inside our back door so it functions as a mudroom too.

a close up of the b and b 

This is my favorite part of the room- my grandmother's drying rack.

I use it to hang our clothes to dry (the laundry is just outside the door)

For the window treatment I re purposed a tab top window valance from another room in the house.  I folded the tabs back and ironed them down with seam tape.  Then taped off stripes with blue painters tape and painted them with black fabric paint.  Easy!

For the mirror frame I just used 1x4's and 1x6's.  I glued them right to the mirror with Liquid Nails for mirrors.

The frame snugged right into the b and b.

And now that room is done.  Moving on to the next one!