Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Craft room

If you were here taking a tour in person, you could look at whatever you wanted.  But since I am your virtual tour guide, you get my lame narration.  :)

In the upper level of our house, we have a big space between the master bedroom and our kids' rooms. I have posted about it before here and here.   If it were over the garage, it would be a bonus room.  I guess it's still kind of a bonus room that we have made into our playroom.  It's open, kind of long and narrow and has a closet at the back of it.  Perfect place for a craft room... oh wait, I mean playroom.  I keep trying to take over the space.  I'm slowly inch by inch, claiming more area.   

This is our kids homework/computer/art table.  I hung a dowel and some drapery rings from the shelf for an art display area. 

This little bookshelf from IKEA holds my scentsy warmer (gotta have my place smelling good), my Cricut (it's also where my silhouette will go when it gets here ....YAY!!), my bitty DVD player, other decorative crap and my binder storage.  To the right of the bookshelf is a galvanized container holding all my vinyl, freezer and craft papers.

This is my little work station.  The desk is from the thrift store with a drop cloth for a skirt.  Hides some unsightly stuff.  Above is my camera collection and other stuff.  Important stuff.

This is my sewing area with the new machine my sweetie gave me for my birthday!  I can actually sew in a (mostly) straight line now! The machine cover keeps little fingers from touching the buttons.  The drawers below hold fabric and other stuff.  I like my stuff.

On the opposite side of the room from the homework table is this IKEA bookshelf.  Right now it holds bins of toys and art projects.  Someday it will be mine- all mine and will hold paper and other crafty goodness.

Here is the closet full to the brim!!  The builders installed a wire closet shelf, I added another one plus a bunch more storage. 

The plastic drawers hold embellishments sorted by color, the enamel bowls hold punches and stamps and the plastic black buckets hold more stamps. 

That is a lot of stuff!!  On the top closet wire shelf is photo storage boxes with pictures, letter stamps, extra adhesive etc.  On the 2nd shelf is glass cracker jars from Target holding ribbon, buttons and other embellishments.  At the bottom right is wire cubes from Target holding paper and other stuff.  Bottom left is wire shelving from Target holding black canvas bins full of tools, projects and paper scraps.  The big white wall shelf is from the TN flea market and holds paint and glitter.

And here is my little Goodwill score for only $3.  It holds stamp pads nicely!

Finally the last pic. The bar, 2 buckets and wire basket are all from IKEA.  Above is my C collection and below is a desk top to work.  Or store more stuff.  Either way. 

And this concludes our tour.  Come back again soon!


  1. Give me some time to work through my jealousy issues please. :)
    Very cool space.

  2. It looks great Candice! I would love to lock myself up for hours in that closet.

  3. It's so cute! I had a lightbulb moment when you shared your mini DVD player.... my space has an old VCR in it but that severely limits my viewing choices (no cable or antenna in my room for regular TV) But we do have a portable DVD player that we use for long car trips that I could "store" in my craft room. LOL I think it's great how you incorporated room for family pics, kids artwork, and play space too. Thanks for sharing your space.

  4. What an awesome craft/play room. I love all the great storage. THanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday. I'll be featuring this.

  5. very nice space! i love seeing how others organize their crafty spaces!!!

  6. Very cute! I love looking at craft rooms!

  7. What a great space and so much fun stuff to play with! I love the curtain rod to display the artwork. Amazing job!!

  8. Oh to have a place to craft... Great job with yours!

  9. I love how organized your are - even your acrylic paints in the closet are arranged in rainbow order. That's so inspiring! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Great Organization! The room has been utized to the max! I also love how you have differennt areas like kid's homework, Craft storage and sewing.

    I am having a giveaway on my blog. Just leave a comment to win a $27 store credit to get a fabulous organizer!


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