St Patrick's Day Family Traditions

St Patrick's Day is a fun day to do simple family traditions.  We love any and all excuses to celebrate!  Check out our St Patrick's Day Traditions for Families!  
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Having family traditions around the holidays, is so much fun!  There is nothing like the child like anticipation of waiting for a holiday.  

We like to keep St Patrick's Day fun, but simple.  

We do pins, temporary tattoos and stickers!

We also do T shirts.  If I can't find one I like in the store, I will make one from fabric and/or fabric paint.  

And it's so much fun for the kids to open their lunch boxes on St Patrick's Day to find a green lunch waiting for them.  It has a green drink, green packaged chips, green grapes and a sugar cookie with green sprinkles.  

I get so excited to think of new things to celebrate the holidays!  Our March 17 is going to be a blast with our St Patrick's Day Traditions!