Car birthday party

My friend Emily is a super party planner.  She threw her son a Car themed birthday party that was so fun!

Isn't this invitation fantastic!  She made it.  Never mind that it's kind of bent.  This invitation has seen lots of love from my son.

There were so many details that I loved!  There was a matchbox car racetrack set up outside on the swing set.  The start was at the top in the playhouse and the finish was down on the grass.

No detail was left undone.

Look at that cake!  It was made by Target and tasted yummy too! I love the fingerprint on the left side.  Cakes are irresistable!

There were race car pennants in the windows.

And signs on the doors, made with a Sillouette.  I missed taking a picture of the "Do Not Enter" sign on the fireplace.  It was adorable.

The food was really yummy too!

And here is the cute little 4 year old birthday boy!

I love birthday parties!!