message board

We have a long strip of wall just begging for something inside the door in our bathroom.  I could not think of anything I wanted to put there.  Photos...already done.  Artwork... eh, not interested.  But then I was looking at a fun blog- Hollyhocks & Honeybees and saw this idea

She used an old window for a dry erase message board.  Brilliant!!

I found this long frame out in the garage- perfect for a dry erase board.

First, I took it all apart and spray painted the frame black.  Then I cut white card stock for the background.  I later changed the white to light grey card stock for more contrast.

At all the joints where the card stock met, I placed paper doilies. 

And here it is in place.  We love to write notes to each other.  My husband is way mushier than I am.  I am more of the utilitarian note writer like, "karate tonight at 5" but he writes sweet and flowery stuff.  It's nice to have visual reminders of his love.  I need to work expressing my love a little better and I think this board will help me with that.

We just store the marker above the frame.

Speaking of Hollyhocks & Honeybees, I recently won a giveaway from her blog. She sent me a pound of this super cute candy.  Yes at one point this bowl was full.  It's not only cute, it's tasty too!  She has tons of cute ideas and a kitchen to die for. Go check her blog!