Jenni Bowlin

When I first moved to Tennessee, I wasn't thrilled.  But one thing that helped cushion the blow was finding out fun things to do here.  And since I was a HUGE scrapbooker, I immediately found a scrapbook store (it's all about the priorities!) to fuel my creative projects.  After visiting a few times- I was pumped to find out that Jenni Bowlin taught classes and sold her products at this store.  I was so excited to meet Jenni!  She is very sweet and kind.  I even went to a yard sale at her house once and my daughter used her bathroom.  :)  I have also run into her a few times at the flea market.

this picture is from 2009 at the TN flea market. 

Last Saturday she had a warehouse sale of her products.  I'm lucky enough to live about 20 minutes away so of course I went!

She recognized me when I walked in a gave me a hug.  Yay!  I'm still smiling about that.  She had tons of her kits, supplies and lots of fun vintage stuff . Unfortunately, I didn't take my camera so I have no pictures of the actual sale. 

This is all the fun stuff I came home with.

And with the April kit that she sells, I was able to make this darling banner. 

Just look at the details!  So cute! 
The green flowers are made from circles of tissue paper with vintage milk caps and Jenni Bowlin white buttons on top.

Even though I haven't yet put any pictures on this, I'm totally counting this as scrapbooking!  I can now say that I have scrapbooked this year.