Just so ya know

In most of my posts, everything is spiffed up.  I have moved all the clutter to another area or worked really hard to make things look nice.  But I am normal.  My house doesn't look like that all the time.  5 people live in this house and make messes on a daily basis.  As hard as I try to keep up sometimes- I just don't.  This week has been a CRAZY week with a huge photo order, a couple of baby showers,  church stuff, normal child chauffeuring to dance, scouts etc, and to top that all off my bigs are taking TCAP (TN standardized achievement tests). Oh and my husband is on a business trip.  That is why I haven't posted any fun stuff.   And this is what my house looks like right now

supplies for projects sitting on the floor

ink and envelopes for that big photo order I was talking about

clutter everywhere (and a cute girl too!)

overflowing laundry baskets

books and toys strewn about

out-of-control paperwork all over the counters

shoes everywhere but in the bins they are supposed to be in

This is real life.  And real life gets messy.  Just wanted you to know!