Chores/Reward system

Our chore system is not perfect. Truth be known, I would rather have my kids just entertain themselves for a bit and let me clean everything. I'm super picky and like things done just so. 

But I have recognized that I am not doing my kids any favors by not teaching them how to be responsible and take care of our house. So this chore system is a work in progress for all of us. They used to receive allowance, but they really didn't have to do much for the money. And that also didn't address their behavior. So we implemented this chore/reward/allowance system and it seems to be working.

We have a weekly chart.  I wrote down all the chores I wanted my kids to learn how to do and assigned them on different days.  I tried to make the work load as even between them as possible. We are just starting on chores so I didn't really assign them anything too hard- vacuuming, dusting, sweeping etc.

This is our reward system.  We use buttons as a way of keeping track of their points.  Each child has their own pocket to keep track of their buttons. 

 I used a behind-the-door shoe organizer, inside of our game closet.  They can count up their buttons and trade them in for cold hard cash.  5 buttons = $1.

They earn 2 buttons for doing their daily chores, without being asked. They can also earn extra buttons by doing something extra nice for someone in the family, being kind, grooming properly, getting up on time and going to bed on time.

They lose buttons for talking not nice, fighting, having an attitude, being mean and all that other not fun stuff.

Occasionally, I will find extra chores that require a little bit more work.  These I assign a $$ amount to and write them on the chalkboard wall inside our back door.  They can choose (or not) to do them and get the cash associated with the chore.

We keep track of their money with a dry erase board. We also keep track of their tithing this way.  (Tithing is 10% of their earnings that we give to our church)

This is the system that seems to be working for us.  I would love to hear about what some of your do for chores/behavior for your children.