Cupcake birthday party

So this little cutie turned 9

and we had a party!

A cupcake party!!  It was so much fun!

As the girls arrived they got to make cupcakes from foam kits.

And then they made hair bands and pins.

All of the girls were very creative (notice her hairband)...

and put their own spin on each of their projects!

Once the craftin' was done, they each put their aprons on and we did a little fashion show.  As you can tell, my little cutie loves to ham it up for the camera!

They had all worked up an appetite by then so we moved on to lunch.

We had sammy's on a skewer, (pieces of bread that were cut with a small cookie cutter, small pieces of cheese, ham, turkey, olives and pickles) which they LOVED...

apples and caramel dip, grapes and Doritos.

Then it was time for the main event- Cupcake decorating!  I baked 2 dozen each red velvet and golden vanilla cupcakes and whipped up a big batch of icing. I set out the icing, sprinkles, mini edible pearls, colored sugars and cupcake pics in small bowls.

Then they each grabbed 1-2 cupcakes, icing and all the decorations they wanted onto their plates and took them back to the table to decorate.

For the goodie bags, they were able to take home 2 decorated cupcakes.  In the empty holders in the cupcake box, they filled up cupcake liners with candy.

Here are a few more of the details:  the candy bar, plates and drink bar (the pitcher in the back right held pink lemonade)

cupcake liner centerpiece

the shelf tribute to the birthday girl. 

We all had a fantastic time!  And best of all, the birthday girl was thrilled and thanked me profusely!