A simple apron

My daughter's birthday is this weekend and she has chosen to have a cupcake decorating party.  Of course aprons are a must have.  After looking around a bit and not finding anything inexpensive enough to purchase 8 of them I decided to make them. 

I'm not much of a seamstress but I think they turned out ok.

I used flour sack towels, ribbon for the sash and super cute fabric from Hobby Lobby.

I cut each towel in half.

Then rolled the cut side over twice and pinned.  I didn't iron the seam down, it probably would have been easer if I had.  If there is a cheater way to do something, I'm all over it.  (perhaps that's why my projects don't always work out...hmm something to think about another time) 

I tucked  and pinned every 3-4 inches or so and then sewed the top and bottom of the folded seam.

Then I cut a 4 inch strip of fabric (I alternated the stripe fabric with the butterfly fabric shown above),

tucked and pinned it, then sewed a line a little to the top of center.

After everything was sewn, I washed and dried the aprons to fray the ruffles a bit.  Since I sewed the strip above the center line, it folded over and created a double ruffle.  A happy accident that ended up really working out.  I then ironed everything.  Pretty simple. Wish us luck that the party goes well and that my daughter's friends like the aprons and have a good time!

PS don't be jeaous of my polka-dotted pj bottoms!  :)