Magnetic calendar

One of my kids favorite things about the holiday season is our magnetic calendar.  We've had it for a few years and I'm sure I've posted about it before, but I updated it this year.

Here is how I made it:

I had this metal sheet in my stash.  (I hate when I see a cute project that I would like to do and the person says, "I pulled _____ , an essential part of the project, out of my stash". But that is truly what I did.  I bought these magnet boards years ago when I was in Utah.  I can't even remember where.) I don't know what the holes were meant to be used for, but I just covered them up with a piece of scrapbook paper that I mod podged onto the magnetic sheet.

I used various scrapbook embellishments and a little magnet to make the numbers 1-31...

and the word October. 

Then I attached a piece of ribbon to the magnet board and hung it from a hook from Home Goods.

It's a fun calendar to countdown the days until Halloween.