Halloween re-cap

As my kids get older, it seems like holidays get busier and busier.  Halloween was no exception!   We had class parties, a field trip, the Ward trunk or treat, in addition to the regular business of homework, cooking, housekeeping, birthday parties, dance and karate class, and church activities.   I sometimes get caught up in the business and forget to have fun.  But thankfully I have 3 little people who remind me of what's important and to enjoy making memories.  This year...

we had a jelly fish,

an Anakin Skywalker,

and a 10 year old who thought he was too big to dress up any more.  We found this shirt at Kohl's and thought it was perfect.

All dressed up for the big night!

We trick or treated and had a great time.  I loved seeing these 3 so excited as they ran up to each  house to ring the bell and exclaim, "Trick or Treat" to the person behind the door.  My most favorite part was hearing them say thank you as they walked away.  When we got home, they did my other favorite thing, the candy trade!  They poured out their buckets and bags and passed favorites out to each other.  I made out like a bandit taking all the peanut butter cups!!  Go me!

Oh and here are some pictures of the Ward Trunk or Treat that I helped with.  It turned out so cute and it seemed like everyone had a great time. 

I already have the Halloween stuff all boxed up and stored up in the attic. (I may or may not have taken it all down before going to bed on Halloween night.)  I have done a few things to decorate for Thanksgiving  and will have a post to come soon!