Christmas tree

Here is our 2011 Christmas tree!

It is quite busy but lots of fun I think!  Someday I want more then 1 tree so I can put foo foo ornaments on one and the kids ornaments on another.  But for now I put both on this one. 

I like lots of layers on our tree.  We have a pom pom garland, large red bulbs, glass candy canes, glittery letters of our names, and picks and fuzzy candy canes sticking out the top.

Plus we have our yearly Christmas ornaments.  We get new ornaments every year to represent our interests.  Here are some from the last few years. 

This is our kids ornaments for this year.  A pencil for the oldest because he is having a great year in school, Mickey Mouse for our girl because she is totally into Disney and a mitt and baseball for the youngest because he played baseball for the first time this year.

Merry Christmas!