Chevron wall art

I finally jumped on the chevron bandwagon and made some chevron wall art.

And here is how I did it.

I started with a piece of wood (I used luan), and black & white acrylic craft paint.   The luan was left over from another project so it was already cut to size and sanded.  

First I painted the board white.  I wanted it to look uneven and rough so I just slapped it on there with a sponge brush.  After the paint was dry I taped off the zigs and the zags.  I eyeballed the taping (no measuring) so the lines are not even.  I am ok with this- imperfect crafts are right up my alley.  If you want it to be even, you will have to measure it all out.    

After all that taping was done, I painted over the board and the tape with the black paint.  I only used 1 coat because I wanted it to look uneven and I knew I was going to sand anyway.

After the black paint was dry I peeled the tape off.  

Then I went crazy with the sand paper.   

To hang it, I used my go to art hanger- 3m velcro hooks.  They are the best!!!  Perfect for a perpetual mind changer and re-arranger like me.  

I hung the art on a lonely wall in my bathroom.  

Every time I walk it there, it's the first think I notice.  It's bold, graphic and a little big shabby.   I love it!!