Master bath redo

It's taken me a while, but I finally got our master bath updated!  Yay!

I started quite a few months ago.  I painted and added the board and batten.  But then like many other projects, I lost momentum.  

Last week when I made the chevron art, it gave me the jump start I needed to finish everything.

I framed out the giant (b o r i n g) builders mirror.  

I love the cute little soap dispenser from Target!  The tiered storage thingy I made from plates.  In the spirit of keeping it real, I didn't move the tons of meds my family is on right now to combat their allergies.

Around the corner is an alcove for the toilet.  I used the towel storage bar to hang my flat irons from S hooks, some jewelry and hair bands.  The storage chest is a redo of a thrift store find.  The little angel is from my mom for my birthday (this weekend = par-tay!!  I love my birthday!)  The clock is from TJ Maxx.  

The chest of drawers is a Craigslist purchase that I repainted in homemade chalk paint.  I also painted the handles with black spray paint.

When we moved into our house about 8 years ago, we didn't have a lot of money and I didn't know a lot about home design.  So we outfitted all of our windows with cheap vinyl blinds.  I am now on a mission to get rid of all of them.  In my bathroom, I still needed the privacy that blinds provide, but I wanted something much better looking and that would move up and down to let in natural light.  Making roman shades from the blinds was the perfect solution.  I got the idea from here.  I took a few photos of the process and will post that soon.

The blue tray on top of the dresser is a thrift store find that I painted and shabbied up with some sandpaper.  It holds apothecary jars full of cotton swabs and balls and a silver plate holding my current fragrances.  The lacey flower pot is from IKEA.

-photo bomb by my son: he kept putting his hands into the picture.

For art, I framed a piece of scrapbook paper.

These little wooden plaques are from Walmart. They were total steals at $3.97!!!  One is under the framed  scrapbook paper.  The other is by the clock.  

For the shower, I used a shower curtain that used to be in my kids' bathroom.  

I also used our old shower curtain hooks.

Here is what the bathroom looked like when I first started.  

And here it is now!