March photo a day

I am still playing a long with the photo a day thing from fat mum slim

 I like the prompts she uses and it challenges me every day to come up with a photo that represents our family's day to day activities that might otherwise not be recorded.  Here are my photos for March:

1. up- on the wall at my son's pre school
2.  fruit- strawberries and chocolate for an after school snack
3.  your neighborhood
4. bedside

5.  a smile- my boys laughing at Target
6. 5pm- dinner time
7.  something you wore- the last wearing of my son's old shoes 
8. window- a daffodil my son picked for me sitting in the kitchen window

9.  pizza on red plates
10. loud- my son turns the sound up on my iPad as loud as it will go
11.  someone you talked to today- my daughter after a bad day at school
12. fork- shredding BBQ chicken for dinner

13. a sign- at my kids' elementary school (ps look how hot it is!!)
14.  clouds- jumping on the tramp in swimsuits.  In March.
15. car- filling up our van with gas
16. sunglasses

17.  green- St Patrick's Day surprises
18. a corner of your home- my messy desk
19. funny- my crazy boy sporting his St Patty's Day bling
20. before and after- our new deck

21. delicious- freshly baked brownies
22. kitchen sink
23. moon- there was no moon this night so this is my big kids after an evening at Chuck E Cheese

24. an animal- the only animals at our house
25.  breakfast- he eats these for breakfast every single day
26.  a key- my key chain
27. your name- an initial in my craft room

28.  trash- boxes needing to be taken to the recycle bin
29.  feet- my foot on the gas pedal of our car
30. toy- kids meal toy from our lunch date (his choice of restaurant)
31. where you relax- my sweetie and I relaxing in bed with our iPads

Have you been playing along?  If not just start today.  Here is the list for April .

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