Rag Wreath

How about a fun little pennant rag wreath for Spring?

I forgot to take photos of the process, but it's very simple.

*vine wreath from the dollar store
 *fabric in bright and fun colors
*a little bit of ribbon

*Turn on your DVR to some tv shows you need to catch up on.  (I got caught up with The Voice and Dancing with the Stars.)
*Cut your fabric into many small strips.  Mine were about 1 inch by 6-7 inches.  
*Tie each strip onto a vine of the wreath.  It takes a bit of time, but it's easy and mindless.
* vacuum yourself and the floor around you.  The fabric sheds!!

for the pennant:
*cut a diamond shape so when it's folded in half it makes a triangle
*sew around the edges, then put them in the laundry (wash and dry) to fringe them up a bit
*iron them
*sew them onto a piece of ribbon
*tie it onto the wreath

Easy, cute and inexpensive!!