10 on tuesday

I've got a bunch of random things to say so I'm doing the 10 on Tuesday thing.

1.  I went to Old Navy twice over the weekend.  I hadn't been there for months.  They were having some killer sales and I scored some great stuff for my entire family.  I got 3 striped shirts to add to my collection.  I may have a problem with buying striped clothing.

2.  I'm excited about summer!!  We have lots of fun stuff planned and we get to sleep in!!  All of my kids are still asleep right now and all I can hear is the sound of the air conditioner and the click of my keyboard as I type.

3.  We still need to make our summer bucket list like we did last year.  We've talked about some of the things we want to do, we just haven't written them on our chalkboard.

4.  We went to the newly opened Opry Mills mall yesterday.  It had been closed for almost 2 years after the Nashville flood.  Our favorite stops were:  the Lego store, Old Navy (of course), Claires, Game Stop and

the Vera Bradley store, where my daughter was able to get her first Vera!  

5.  I'm super behind on my photo a day project.  I hope to catch up.

6.  My husband has been sick pretty much since January.  He's been trying to slow down since his little hospital episode but still was feeling rotten.  He went back to the doctor on Friday and got some serious medicine- high powered (and super expensive) antibiotics and prednisone.  Hopefully that will do the trick.

7.  We have a major problem with fruit flies.  I made this little trap and it's working!  I put apple cider vinegar

in a jar with a paper funnel.  It blows my mind that it works, but it really does.  I needs to work a little faster though, those little flies are driving me nuts!!

8.  I made this cinnamon roll cake.  It is seriously so good.  My entire family really likes it, and that's saying something with all the picky eaters we have here.  Hmmm- I may need to have a piece for breakfast.

9.  I found the cutest little galvanized metal, chalkboard easels (say that 10x fast) at Target.  I think they will look so cute announcing dishes at pot lucks or as place cards at a dinner party.  I should go get a few more for that.

10.  I have been totally addicted to hot tamales lately, as seen in the photo above.  My husband fueled this addiction by buying me a few boxes and strategically placing them around- like by my computer.  Yum!!

What have you been up to?